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Equine ophthalmology [3rd Ed.]

Chapter 1 - Equine ocular examination basic techniques
Chapter 2 - Advanced ophthalmic imaging in the horse
Chapter 3 - Practical field ophthalmology
Chapter 4 - Ophthalmic diseases of foals
Chapter 5 - Diseases and surgery of the globe and orbit
Chapter 6 - Diseases of the adnexa and nasolacrimal system
Chapter 7 - Diseases of the cornea
Chapter 8 - Diseases of the uvea, uveitis, and recurrent uveitis
Chapter 9 - Diseases and surgery of the lens
Chapter 10 - Glaucoma
Chapter 11 - Diseases of the equine vitreous and retina
Chapter 12 - Equine vision
Chapter 13 - Inherited ocular disorders
Chapter 14 - Equine neuro-ophthalmology
Chapter 15 - Ocular manifestations of systemic disease
Chapter 16 - National and international regulations on ophthalmic disease and medications
Chapter 17 - Management of blind horses
Description :
Now available in a fully updated third edition, Equine Ophthalmology is the most comprehensive and current clinical resource for the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic disease in horses. * Provides complete, authoritative information on the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic disease in horses * Fully updated with improved figures, the latest research, and new chapters on advanced diagnostics, foal ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, national and international regulations, and an expanded chapter on inherited ocular disease * Features contributions from an international group of equine experts, under the editorship of a leading equine veterinary specialist * Offers comprehensive coverage of clinical and reference information ideal for specialists, general equine practitioners, and veterinary students alike

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N° édition : 3ème édition

Lieu d'édition : Ames (Iowa)

Collection : 1ère et 2ème éditions papier en S-11-05-05a et S-11-05-05b consultables à la bibliothèque

Localisation : Dawsonera (plateforme)

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