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H 1 BSAVA Manual of Wildlife Casualties [2nd Ed.]

Wildlife casualties and the veterinary surgeon; The law affecting British wildlife casualties; Principles of capture, healing and transportation; Wildlife triage and decision-making; First aid and emergency care; Basic principles of wildlife anaesthesia; Initial management in captivity; Care and hand-rearing of young wild animals; Rehabilitation and release; Clinical pathology, post-mortem examination and disease surveillance; Investigation wildlife crime; Hedgehogs; Squirrels; Other insectivores and rodents; Bats; Rabbits and hares; Badgers; Otters; Other mustelids; Wildcats; Foxes; Deer; Marine mammals; Seabirds; Waders; Waterfowl; Gamebirds; Pigeons and doves; Raptors; Passerines and other small birds; Reptiles and amphibians

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N° édition : 2ème édition

Lieu d'édition : CHELTENHAM, GLOS (GBR)

Langue : Anglais

Localisation : Dawsonera (plateforme)

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